Veggie Wonders. World Vegetarian Day. (Trending)

world vegetarian day

October 1 is celebrated as World Vegetarian Day and we look at the food that is healthy, sustainable and is rapidly growing in popularity. Being a vegetarian by birth and choice, I am often questioned about my food preferences. However I have always Maintained that the best food is vegetarian. And, luckily there are many people and restaurants who think similarly, which is reflected in the large number of exclusive vegetarian eateries that are mushrooming across the country.

Lifestyle Matters

Today, being a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice and not restricted to religion or culture. In a fast-paced world, people are constantly on the lookout for food that is fast, yet nutritious and satisfying. "People are now more appreciative of the nutritional health quotients of vegetarian food. Moreover, working professionals prefer food items that are light and easy to digest, yet flavorful. The emerging trend of raw food has gained much acclaim over recent years as these ingredients shows quicker results in weight loss and in fighting chronic diseases." 

The Indian vegetarian diet traditionally consisted of a restricted number of items. "However, with the introduction of Indianised international food, the vegetarian palate of the country has expanded. Since most global cousins and delicacies include meat, restaurants are seen adopting a vegetarian course to cater to Indian taste buds.

Plant Protein

Plant Protein is a rising phenomenon and a significant development in the food industry. Plant based proteins like shroom balls, pea pro, bean pro, tofu, amarnath, hemp's root and sweet potato aspire to be replacement of the nutrients and textures we usually get from meat with vegetarian sources.