Prevent hairfall & dandruff in Winter. ( Trending in India )

When we welcome winters, we welcome dandruff & hair fall too. Our skin becomes dry and dead cells start surfacing. The dryness is not limited to the skin, but it also affects our scalp as dead cells start forming small tiny flakes and starts falling too.

  1. Curd & lemon: this most effective combination helps you to reduce their fall and also cures dryness of your scalp.
  2. Steam: steam opens the follicles of hair so that they can absorb more nutrients. Also, steam helps for healthy hair growth, & reduces hair fall. 
  3. Neem paste &curd: mix neem leaf paste with curd, then apply on the scalp to reduce hair fall &prevent from greying and boosts up your growth.
  4. Oil massage: to get the shine and long hair, massage your scalp with hot oil.