Do you know? Grapes can amplify your beauty. ( Trrending in India )

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Grapes are store house of polyphenolic phytochemical compounds which can help you to cut down your risk of cancer and heart disease. Yes, you have heard it right! Those little amazing grapes can help you to improve your overall well-being. Apart from that, they are also beneficial for your skin. We are not kidding! If you Want to protect yourself against sunburns, slow down your aging or want to make your skin supple the grapes are your solution for all your worries related to skin. Here, we decode how those magnificent grapes can help you to dazzle!

They help you to slow down your ageing. Grapes contain anti ageing properties and can protect your skin from free radicals.

They can make your skin supple. Grape seed extract is abundant in vitamin E and can retain the moisture of your skin. 

The can protect you from sunburns. The fleshy part of it contain proanthocyanidins and reveratrol which are known as powerful antioxidants. So, applying those fantastic mashed grapes on your face act as a sunscreen and can help you to reduce the redness due to sunburns.